10 Most Amazing Food Tour Experience in Tokyo

10 Most Amazing Food Tour Experience in Tokyo

The Japanese cuisine is one of the pillars of the culinary world. Chef’s from all around the globe have tried reinventing several Japanese dishes but it is always different when you get to experience the real deal. Tokyo offers a wide range of palate experience. When travelers from around the world visits Tokyo, top of

The Japanese cuisine is one of the pillars of the culinary world. Chef’s from all around the globe have tried reinventing several Japanese dishes but it is always different when you get to experience the real deal. Tokyo offers a wide range of palate experience. When travelers from around the world visits Tokyo, top of the itinerary is all about the food. What is so unique about these food tours are its educational and entertaining criteria. As a tourist, you would want to spend your time and money only for the best. So here, we have compiled 10 the most fun and interesting food tours in Tokyo that will elevate your dining experience to the next level.

1. Dine with a Sumo Wrestler

What could be more interesting than eating with a sumo wrestler? In Asakusa, you can eat and interact with one. Part of the experience is interacting with them and some even prepares a little bit of something to entertain the tourists. The usual meal served is Chanko, a type Japanese hotpot. This is what sumo wrestlers love to eat and share with their guests. This experience is a popular choice for tourists who wants something unique during their stay.

2. Izakaya Bar Hopping

local Izakaya Bar Hopping experience

Izakaya is what Japanese refer to as a pub. This is where the locals hang out to sit, drink and eat. Izakayas are usually packed with local salary men, after a long day of work. Shinjuku is where you can find a long strip of Izakaya bars. If you want to mingle and live like the locals, then this tour is meant for you. This is truly the perfect place for a good “Kampai!”

3. Tsukiji and Toyosu Fish Market Tours

Japan Fish Market Tour

Tsukiji originally is the main fish market in Japan where tours happen. Just recently, the fish market was moved in Toyosu. The outside market in Tsukiji still remains to be the go-to place for street food enthusiasts. After the indoor market was moved in Toyosu, it now became the center for market tours. All fish expos are held here. These indoor market tours include sushi and sashimi classes. Fish and market experts are there to assist you in finding only but the best produce in the market. This experience teaches you the importance of using fresh produce in your dishes. Being in this market tour surely explains why eating Japanese food are always better when in Japan.

4. Bento Cooking Class

Bento Japan cooking class

Bento cooking class is one of the most interesting cooking classes in Tokyo. A bento is a Japanese lunch box packed with healthy food. Nowadays, bento boxes have become more artistic. Bento experts teach you how to create ‘Kawaii’ characters out of your food which is very popular in Japan. Artistic bento boxes are very appealing especially for kids. These have trended on social media sites because of its cute and colorful designs. Bento cooking classes does not only teach you how to make one, it also leaves you a souvenir photo of your very own creation. Bragging rights, definitely activated.

5. Shibuya Night Life

Shibuya is a city that wakes up at night. This is Tokyo’s official party central. A night life tour in Shibuya is a 3-hour escapade to one of the most hyped clubs in the city. This is a favorite place for millennials. If you are lucky, you will even find young people wearing their anime costumes. Party in Japan is different than of the western parties. This tour is very popular with tourists that are young at heart and with an untamed party soul.

6. Tokyo Food Night Life Tour

There are several places that are perfect for Tokyo Food Tours during the night. For a good Japanese comfort food, a popular choice would be going to Shinbashi station. Here is where you can indulge on authentic gyoza, okonomiyaki, sashimi and more. There are also plenty of skewers that are a popular choice for nightly food stalls. Part of the tour is letting tourists go to hidden gems that the local fancies. What makes food tours in Tokyo at night a more preferable choice? It is definitely the vibe that adds flavor to any of the food samplings you will have for the night.

7. Home Cooking Class

When you say Japanese home cooking, it is not about heating microwaveable food packs that you commonly see in Tokyo. Home cooking classes in Tokyo is about the basics of Japanese home cooked meals which is all about the flavor. These classes are conducted by home cooked experts who has prepared everything that you will possibly need in perfecting your dishes. Just like how it is for the rest of the world, life in Tokyo is also fast paced and most people don’t have time to cook anymore. But this experience will make you realize that home cooking isn’t as difficult and as time consuming as you think.

8. Dining with a Geisha

In the old days, Japanese empires dine with Geishas for the entertainment that they bring. Nowadays, recreating that dining experience is offered in most of Tokyo. Aside from enjoying authentic dishes, two or three Geishas will be with you to serve, and provide artistically polished form of entertainment that only you can find in Japan. Just like dining with a sumo wrestler, dining with a Geisha is also an experience you can’t afford to miss when you are in Tokyo.

9. Ramen Bar Tour

Ramen Bar Tour

Ramen is very popular all around the world. Everyone loves Ramen but you can’t really be a Ramen fan until you tried Ramen Tokyo Style. Ramen is a bowl of noodles, drowned in a certain broth. Every Ramen Bar in Tokyo offers different types of Ramen. And every flavor is an adventure. For a Ramen Tour, you get to go to the finest Ramen Bars in Tokyo. These Ramen Bars are usually queued up but when you book for a tour, skipping the queue is one of its perks.

10. Kobe Beef Tour

Kobe Beef Tour

Japan is very famous for their A-grade quality Beef from Kobe, Japan. The Wagyu beef is internationally famous for its perfect marbling that everyone enjoys. For this experience, be ready to savor all different flavors of the Kobe beef if you join this tour. The schedule consists of going to different shops and restaurants that offers Kobe Beef that are cooked differently. You may find yourself indulging in shabu-shabu hotpot, sukiyaki or Tokyo’s famous beef steak in egg yolk dish. This tour maybe a little pricey but if you are a steak fanatic, this will be a perfect Tokyo experience for you.

Despite Tokyo being the central of all innovations and the latest trends, you can still find its old soul through their food. Japanese restaurants are found everywhere in the world because people sees the Japanese cuisine as more than just flavor but also an art form about their culture. There are several Japanese dishes nowadays which have evolved and fused with western flavors. However, what lingers in the heart of Tokyo are food shops that continue to make it like how it is done in the old days. Food in Tokyo definitely offers a perfect balance of its history and the future. Hence, Food Tours in Tokyo remain to be a favorite to tourists of all ages.


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