10 Must-Visit Places in South China

10 Must-Visit Places in South China

China is remarkably known for their strong culture and influence all over the world. In fact, most of the countries globally often have a place called China Town in their respective urban districts. This clearly manifests how the Chinese brought influence to the rest of the world. Getting to know the country means nothing more

China is remarkably known for their strong culture and influence all over the world. In fact, most of the countries globally often have a place called China Town in their respective urban districts. This clearly manifests how the Chinese brought influence to the rest of the world. Getting to know the country means nothing more than being in the country itself. To be in a country so vast in size, it is only practical to either start in the Northern or the Southern Part. For a globetrotter who wants to make a mark in their travels, South China is the finest choice. In South China, you can visit a wide array of incredible destinations. For a tourist who wants to make the most out of their stay, here are 10 must visit places in Southern China.

1. Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China

If you are not afraid of heights, then being on top of the Canton Tower is the best place to be in. This is the 4th tallest independent framework in the world and the highest possible framework in all of China to date. In broad daylight, you can be on the topmost observatory overlooking the rest of China 1,601 feet away from the ground. At night, the Canton Tower transforms into a colourful medley perfect for pictures and a romantic evening.

Canton Tower in Guangzhou

2. Zhangjiajie Rock Column Woodland or the Avatar Mountain

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a destination that one should not miss. This infamous forest park is well known for its mind-blowing glass bridge. But the most captivating scenery in Zhangjiajie is the rock column Woodland. If you have seen the blockbuster movie Avatar, you might think the rock formations seemed familiar. This is actually, where the motion-picture’s background was sought after. In fact, after the movie’s success, Zhangjiajie’s Rock Column Woodland became known now as the Avatar Mountain. These pillar-like formation of rocks will surely make you feel like it’s an entirely different planet.

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Zhangjiajie's Rock Column Avatar Mountain

3. The Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid

The Shanghai Maglev or more popularly known as the Shanghai Transrapid is not a scenery, nor a tourist attraction but an experience by itself. Maglev which means Magnetic Levitation is a rapid form of train transportation with the use of magnets and the lack friction. The Shanghai Transrapid connects Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Longyang Station in just approximately 7 minutes in full speed completing a distance of 30km. Travelling in these may not be as close as teleportation, but it surely brings you from one end to the other in just a blink of an eye.

4. The Great Wall of China in the South

Touring China is incomplete without being in The Great Wall. However, this archaic landscape stretching from east to west is found in North China. This is where the majority of the tourists go. But in South China, A Southern Great Wall too exists. The Southern Wall stretches 190 mile starting from north of Xigueying to Huanghuiying. Covering its length, the Southern Wall is entirely a different wavering experience than the northern Great Wall. Here, every path has its own story to tell too.

The Great Wall of China in the South

5. Huangguoshu Falls in Guizhou District

Dropping to 74 meters down, this is not just China’s biggest waterfall but the largest waterfall cluster in the world. Apart from witnessing this wonder of nature, you might be lucky enough to catch the rainbow embracing its free flowing finesse. Experience beauty and the deafening roar of the biggest waterfall in China.

6. The City of Suzhou

Imagine Venice in China. Suzhou is a city preserved brimming with numerous canals, rivers and bridges. Suzhou by day is a chronicle that tells its story as you move around the metropolitan. But when roamed around at night, the city becomes this enchanted-like garden filled with bright Chinese lanterns hanging in every structure. Suzhou is a city that aged with grace and warmed by its ancient history.

7. Dragon Well Tea Yard in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou is well-known for its vast tea plantations and aromatic Longjing Tea. To be in a plantation where the most exclusive green tea in the world are grown, boosts every visiting tourists’ vibe. Part of the tour is seeing tea pickers wearing traditional Chinese ensemble. Visitors will also have the privilege to learn the proper Chinese practices in preparing tea. Tea lover or not, visiting the Dragon Well Tea Yard in Hangzhou will surely maximize your bona fide South China experience.


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8. Sanya Reef National Nature Reserve

China may have had a bad reputation when it comes to ecological preservation, but Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve is a living manifestation that the country could be proven otherwise. With the government’s steady efforts to safeguard the underwater wildlife, this coral reef paradise continues to leave the all the curious divers mystified.

9. Suzhou Silk Factory

Apart from the city’s captivating landscapes, a must visit is Suzhou’s No. 1 Silk Factory. This factory also sidelines as a museum and workshop at the same time. Here, tourists can gain knowledge on silk-making, intricacy on silk worm formations and of course to feel what an authentic Suzhou silk feels like. Because of its distinct yet interesting origins, Suzhou’s Silk Manufacturing Facility became a must-visit for first time tourists.

10. Guizhou District, China

Located at the south-western outskirts of South China is the sleepy district of Guizhou. This may not be the expected eccentric, full-coloured five-star tour, but Guizhou is proud for its abundance in biodiversity and richness in culture. The laidback dynamics of this place makes it a place worth paying attention to. This is definitely an experience any tourist will bring back to their homes.

China, in the south is as beautiful as the north. South China offers a wide variety of marvellous natural forms of architecture, abundant customs, traditions and experiences. South China is hardly a popular choice for tourists. But if you are the kind of traveller who wants to experience China’s thick-long history, then South China is worthy to be on top of your ultimate bucket list.


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