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Oslo Hotel Information

Hotel Alzer, cafe, and Hotel Optimist

Hotel Alzer, cafe, and Hotel Optimist (Photo credit: schmuela)

Oslo has, quite naturally for a large city in Europe, a huge number of hotels dotted around the area. If you were in London for the holiday, and you travelled the streets, you would find an array of hotels from many of the major hotel companies lined up along the streets. The same for New York City, and the same for Oslo.

All the major chains are represented in Oslo, as well as some of the smaller chains that have a few good hotels around Europe. So here you have Best Western, which is one of the biggest hotel chains on the planet, with thousands of hotels spread across the world. In Oslo they have three hotels, all of which are well respected in the area for not being too costly while still offering a great degree of comfort. Just what you want, in other words, from a major international hotel chain. If you have never stayed in a Best Western Hotel then you are in for a treat with the three in Oslo, which are most definitely worth checking out.

The Clarion hotel chain has five hotels in the area, one of which is an airport hotel. This chain specializes in neat and hospitable facilities, with a world reputation for great customer service. Another great choice if you are wanting a calm and relaxed stay in Oslo.

Comfort Inn hotels have just one hotel in Oslo, but it is a good one. Worth visiting and definitely worth taking into account if you want to stay near the city center, the Comfort Hotel is a great little place that affords a high degree of seclusion and calm, even in the middle of the city.

The Scandic group has a number of hotels in the city; and all of them are to the high standard that the group is known for across Europe. Clean and respectable in d├ęcor, as well as very high-class when it comes to customer service, you can expect a great number of perks when you visit a Scandic hotel. The hotels of this group in Oslo are no exception, and you should enjoy a comfortable stay in one of these.

The Quality Inn group has three hotels in Oslo, and they have an established reputation for good quality stays in a cost effective environment. This group of hotels is well worth visiting if you require a comfortable stay, with not too much fuss made about the overall experience.

There are some great hotels in Oslo, and the major chains do themselves proud with the hotels they have in the city. One great thing about chains is that you get a definite level of quality in the stay that you have. All of the chains mentioned here have a real sense of great hospitality, and they do not disappoint here in Oslo. The city is a fantastic place to visit, and having the quality of any of these chains supporting your stay should ensure that you have a very memorable hotel experience to remember for years to come.

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